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Part I: The Puzzle

  1. In Pursuit of Blue

  2. The Glittering Image

  3. The Nature of the Horse

  4. Carpe Diem

  5. Going to See the Wizard – The Search for Authenticity

  6. In the Beginning was the Word

  7. Time, Money, Calories and Horses’ Legs (energy, too)

Part II: For the Maker of the Puzzle

  8. The Rider’s Position

  9. Riding in the Arena

10. Tack Fit

11. Soundness Issues

12. The Law of Entrainment

13. Lunging

14. Having a Workable Game Plan

15. Use of the Round Pen

Part III: Reality: the Ultimate Outlaw

16. Awareness

17. Asymmetry (Yours and His)

18. Diligence, Simplicity and Humility

19. Staying in the Moment

20. Self One and Self Two

21. Creating Change and the Awareness of Choice

22. Forgiveness, Healing and Power

23. Achieving Congruence and Telepathy

24. The Coach’s Presentation of a Material

25. The Role of Expectation

26. Concerns for the Older Rider

27. Visualization

28. How you Think and What You Say is How You Ride

29. Ultimate Reality

30. The Ultimate Outlaw

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